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Priorities and Committments

Decisions by the board are made by the collective Board of Trustees. As such, any decision must be supported by a majority of the board. As Trustee, I will work with my fellow Trustees to achieve the priorities and commitments I have listed below. Through teamwork, collaboration and consensus-building, I will constantly defend Clarington's interests at the board table.

Key Priorities

  • Fight for new schools throughout Clarington to cope with continued population growth

  • Push for improved busing service through sustainable funding and regulatory changes

  • Support policies/programs that promote equity and ensure safe and welcoming schools

  • Advocate for additional operational and capital funding to increase school resources 


  • Consult parents, staff, students, and community members on the school board budget and other issues through surveys and town hall meetings

  • Examine the potential of creating an online consultation platform where the board can solicit thoughts/concerns on specific issues throughout the year


  • Create multiple avenues of communication so residents can get their concerns promptly addressed

  • Keep Clarington residents up-to-date with my work through my website and a monthly community newsletter


  • Increase transparency of board meetings and decisions

  • Ensure trustee expenses are made public and easily accessible to the public

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